Unraveling the Mysteries of Oriental Rug Cleaning: Your Questions Answered by Carpet Cleaning Cammeray

With their intricate designs and vibrant hues, oriental rugs make a stunning addition to any house. However, to maintain their best appearance, they also need careful maintenance. If you’re the happy owner of an oriental rug, you might have concerns about how to care for and clean it. The most typical inquiries we receive at best carpet cleaning cammeray are included here, along with our knowledgeable responses.

I have an oriental rug; can I clean it myself?

A: Although it may be tempting, we strongly advise against attempting to clean your oriental rug yourself. Oriental rugs need specialist cleaning methods and tools, which are best left to experts.

How frequently should an oriental rug be cleaned?

Many variables, such as the amount of foot traffic on the rug, the existence of pets, and the amount of environmental toxins in your home, affect how often you should clean it. However, we advise having your oriental rug professionally cleaned every one to three years as a general rule.

What should I do if my oriental rug is stained?

A: Harsh cleaning agents can harm the delicate materials used to make Oriental rugs. It’s recommended to get in touch with a specialist cleaner who is familiar with oriental carpets if your rug has a stain. Then, they can remove the stain using specialist cleaning agents and methods without harming the carpet.

Is it possible to fix my Oriental rug?

A competent rug repair specialist can fix many oriental carpets, yes. Reweaving damaged portions, adding missing fringe, and patching tears or holes are typical fixes.

How can I prevent damage to my oriental rug?

A: You may protect your oriental rug in several ways, such as by avoiding direct sunlight, rotating the rug occasionally to minimize uneven wear, and using a rug cushion to prevent slipping and lessen friction.
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